Sunday, 19 March 2017

I Challenge YOU

It's that time of year where some people seem to be in a mad rush to get their summer bodies perfected. For myself, I've never really bothered about that. I pretty much maintain a consistent figure all year round. Recently though, I decided to make a change and be a little bit healthier. I'm not so much aiming for a summer body, but rather aiming for a level of fitness more suitable for someone my age.

I don't think regular exercise has been part of my routine since I was in Year 11 - three to four years ago. In sixth form, sport and P. E. was optional and so I didn't do it. Occasionally I'd go for a run with my Dad, but I'd get annoyed with how unfit I had become and so give up because I couldn't go as far as I would have liked. My attitude toward any sport that wasn't horse riding was pretty dismal, and when I switched to Pony Club and ended up riding only on a fortnightly basis, my fitness took another hit.

Even though my runs would be in public, I lived in such a quiet area that I never had to worry about people seeing me. Sport is one of the times where I get quite self-conscious, so the gym is a very daunting prospect for me. In spite of having a free gym membership at university, I've yet to use it. It doesn't help that a lot of the people that use the gym here are doing things like football and basketball. The thought of going to the gym and being surrounded by people who are quite fit just makes me want to curl up and watch Netflix with a slice of cake and a tub of ice cream. 

It might be how Spring like it feels at the moment, or maybe I just have a better attitude regarding health and fitness - particularly after binge watching Supersize vs Superskinny, but I figured that it was time I add a bit more exercise into my daily routine, and so I downloaded a fitness app onto my phone. I prefer being able to work out in privacy, so that if I become a sweaty mess after a few squats I won't feel like I'm being judged for it.

There are five different work out options. I'm doing all of them except for one, because I honestly don't think I could deal with a butt work out and a leg work out - there's only so many squats and lunges a girl can do at the start of a fitness regime! Each work out section can be completed in under 5 minutes (this may be different for harder work out plans - I'm sticking to Easy Plan 1 for now) so it's really easy to slip into day-to-day life. The app also incorporates rest days, so when your thighs demand a respite come day 4, they do get one. 

But why bother? Well rider fitness is actually super important. Core strength allows for a better position, stronger legs also improve position but also allow for harder work to be completed because the muscle is better able to recover. Before downloading this app, the most exercise I had was mucking out during yard duty on Thursdays, which really isn't enough to live a healthy lifestyle. Exercise has also been shown to improve mood, and I have to say I have actually been feeling a lot better mentally with just doing the exercises provided by the app. 

You might be healthier and fitter than me, but I'm going to throw down the gauntlet anyway. I challenge you to download the app and follow at least ONE of the fitness workouts. I don't mind which plan you select, but I would love to hear that after 30 days you have stuck with it. It's definitely easier to find motivation if you can get the support from someone, and if you'd like to be able to survive riding around in light seat for longer then this will definitely help. What are you waiting for? Let's do this!

Until next time~

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